The Scrapbook of Life – New Edition 2016

Scrapbooks allow you to re-live precious memories. From smiling baby pictures and happy wedding photos to ticket stubs and concert programs, your scrapbook preserves God’s blessings in your life.



The Quilt of Life

Life is a patchwork quilt of separate experiences that come together into a unified whole–much like a handmade quilt. Author Mary Tatem weaves that theme into unique, story-based devotionals, offering insight into peaceful, successful, and godly living.

Through nearly four dozen devotionals, she shows God as the Designer of our days, the One who quilts the fabric of our existence. In addition to the interesting and encouraging devotionals, each entry includes a practical tip for the quilter.

Quilt of Faith

Stories of Comfort from the Patchwork Life. For hundreds of years, industrious women have been creating objects of beauty and comfort from discarded scraps of fabric. In the same way, God takes the bits and pieces of our disjointed lives and puts them together to form something altogether new and useful.

Through heartwarming stories inspired by twelve beloved quilt patterns, Mary Tatem uncovers spiritual insights that offer comfort like a cozy quilt. Whether you’re a quilter or quilt lover, Quilt of Faith’s illustrated pages will show you how to see God’s hand at work in your life.

Quilt of Joy

Quilters flip through books and magazines and sort through scraps of fabric when planning a new quilt. But when God created you, he took more time and care than even the most careful quilter.

Through inspiring stories based on twelve beloved quilt patterns, Mary Tatem uncovers the joy we have in God and the hope of beautiful things yet to come. Whether you’re a quilter or quilt lover, Quilt of Joy’s illustrated pages will reassure you of God’s faithfulness and his desire to bring blessing to your life.

The Quilt of Hope

They’re called “comforters” for the peace and satisfaction they bring us. Now those comforting quilts form the basis of a brand-new devotional book. From author Mary Tatem comes The Quilt of Hope-A Warm Patchwork of Devotional Thoughts.

Drawing encouraging insights from the stories of quilts and quilters both past and present, these 60 readings show God as the Designer of all our experiences-the happy and sad, the pleasant and difficult-and the One who can form a beautiful pattern of hope from those disparate pieces.

Each reading comes with a bonus quilting fact.

Beautiful Threads

Quilters understand how God can make even scraps wonderfully new and striking with a little time, imagination, and love. Now, in Beautiful Threads, Mary Tatem pieces quilters’ spiritual insights and stories into a uniquely-crafted devotional that features twelve of the most beloved and recognizable quilt patterns in America.

Readers will discover the historical background of each pattern and be enchanted by the beautiful line art and spiritual reflections on faith, creativity, gratitude, patience, hope, and more. With the turn of every page, readers will see the intricate threads of God’s work in the lives of his people. They also will find a new way to think about God-as the One who pieces together all of the mismatched pieces of their lives into a glorious whole.

Encouragement, inspiration, and celebration await readers as they discover that, in God’s design, even the smallest scraps or most frayed fragments can be fashioned into something new, complete, comfort-giving, and beautiful.

A Scrapbook of Life

A Montage of Devotional Thoughts. The desire to hold onto treasured memories is part of what drives us to capture and keep photos throughout our lives. Scrapbooks preserve these photos of lives that God meant to be celebrated, life journeys that are the work of His hand.

The 60 stories included in A Scrapbook of Life will touch your heart and show you the effects of God’s presence in our lives. While some of the individual elements of life may not be beautiful by themselves, the finished product — your scrapbook of life — is a wonderful example of God’s perfect design.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys photography, scrapbooking, or creative memory making.

Just Call Me Mom!

Practical Steps to Becoming a Better Mother-in-Law. Using real-life anecdotes gathered from 500 questionnaires, Mary brings understanding on what makes relationships work.

As a mother-in-law to three daughters-in-law and one son-in-law, Mary offers insights and experiences into this challenging and rewarding relationship. By combining God’s wisdom with down-to-earth common sense, generously sprinkled with love, families can blend the desire of the mother to maintain meaningful relationships with her grown children and the young couples’ desire to establish separate family identities.