Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Toothy The zoo attendant held three great tiger teeth in her hands. Each tooth was an inch or more wide and at least four inches long, including an extensive root. In case anyone ever had any doubt those teeth confirmed what we already knew. Huge teeth combined with


  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt encouragement Wonderment   The children gathered close to watch their mother light the candles on their Dad’s birthday cake.  The almost one year old was safely ensconced in her high chair beyond reach of the cake. When the candle’s were lit, she chortled and flung her arms wide. A


Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Swirling Children never fail to stand fascinated, watching a penny whirl around the circular basin of the Spiral Wishing Well. Spinning faster and faster as the circle grows smaller and smaller, it disappears into the vortex of the bowl, leaving the children begging for another penny to watch it’s


Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Bullies Go away, you big bully!  The evidence is clear. Our beautiful blue bird who nested in our bird house has been replaced by a nest stealing brown bird. The gorgeous blue feathers accessorized with a splash of red on the bird’s breast no longer dart in and out

Ducklings Versus Cheetahs

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Ducklings versus Cheetahs The brood of ducklings clustered around their mother on the creek bank.  When she moved over a few inches, they all rearranged themselves closer to her.  A charming scene, ominously altered by the fact they were in the same zoo habitat with two cheetahs. Momma duck


  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Noise Quiet doesn’t belong in the same sentence as preschoolers. I smile when I hear a mother remind a little one to use an indoor voice.  Many a two year old hasn’t discovered what their inside voice is, let alone remember to use it in the presence of


Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Delighted The six year old girl’s eyes sparkled when she opened her birthday present. It was a piece of jewelry designed especially for young girls. She immediately donned the charm bracelet, smiling her approval of the beetle, butterfly, boot, and crown charms. Her great grandmother was even more pleased

Together is best

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Together is BestThe bride radiated joy, the bridesmaids sparkled with delight. The bridegroom’s face wore a glad grin. Weddings are happy occasions. Flowers, food, cute flower girls and smiling guests make the perfect recipe for a good time. One of the most gratifying aspects of a wedding is the


  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Resurrected My mother could take a sickly plant and nurse it back to health. My granddaughter can take a blank piece of paper and paint inspiring scripture art on it. My friend can take a grief-stricken person and bring life-changing comfort. When our God took His broken Son

Heart Breaking

  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Heart Breaking   The news wasn’t good. Reports brought serious concerns, coming from two locations on nearly opposite sides of the world. Friends and family far and wide read daily accounts with mounting apprehension. Immediate prayer provided the best way to deal with the progressively alarming physical symptoms