Cold Bus, Warm Arms

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Cold Bus, Warm Arms When the bus pulled up we hurried on—glad to get out of the piercing wind. The bus made the short trip to the gymnasium where the college graduation would be held, but its heating system didn’t have time to warm the cold air that gushed

Winter Colds

  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement. Winter Colds The Church service was punctuated with coughs, echoing from one side of the sanctuary to the other. Coughs were as noticeable whenever  we stood in lines at the grocery cash registers. We were thankful for the thoughtful grocery stores that put medicated wipes out to run

Love Looks Good

  Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Love Looks Good We recently experienced the pleasure of traveling to attend the bridal shower for a beloved niece. Joyfulness permeates bridal showers. Friends and family gathering together to   rejoice with a person who is anticipating marriage is such fun. Showering the bride with useful items for her


Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Ritzy The hotel was amazing. With its size, extravagant lobbies, chandeliers, and shiny stair rails, the establishment reeked money. One can only imagine what a night there would cost. But the staff was lovely, not an ounce of exclusiveness in evidence. A night’s lodging or a dinner in one


Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Puzzles The puzzle was large, challenging, and interesting because of the variety of animals and people depicted on it. Putting it together was the perfect activity for a snow storm that closed us in our house for days. Exalted exclamations rang out when a piece fit and groans when

God’s Annonymous Army

Monday’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement God’s Anonymous Army The scene brought a smile to all who had the privilege to see it. Big sister pushed a covered stroller carrying a tiny baby. Big brother carried a younger sister, toddler size but a challenge to his young arms.  All happily followed Granddaddy, who carried their

A Lump in the Throat

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Lump in the Throat The atmosphere was electric with pleased anticipation as we waited for the graduation procession to begin. We eagerly scanned the line for our granddaughter as the graduates marched in. Graduations bring happy emotions—pride, hope for the future, gratitude for the milestone attained. Brief explosions of


Monday’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Brrrr! Winter arrived last week. Our ten degrees in Eastern Virginia was nothing compared to the sub zero temperatures elsewhere, but it was cold enough to make us drip the faucets and pile an extra blanket on the bed. We were so thankful we didn’t lose power during the

Look Around

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement   Look Around   A recent visit to Yosemite National Park kept us craning our necks to look up at the magnificent granite mountains that surrounded us. Regardless of which direction we faced, immense pillars of stone reached into the sky, dwarfing even the tall pines and occasional sequoia.

Birds in Snow

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement Birds in Snow A lot of snow is unusual in Eastern Virginia. Blizzards are something we read about more than experience. Unwilling to subject our car to slipping around in the deep-for-us snow, and thankful for weather people who gave us ample warning to prepare, we settled down to