I was born in Indiana, and attended Duke University in North Carolina. There, I majored in English and minored in History and prayed I’d find the husband God wanted for me. Thankfully, I met Roger Tatem, a dashing electrical engineer (yes, electrical engineers can be quite dashing). We fell madly in love and married. After graduation, he became a Navy pilot, and we traveled across the country to his various duty stations.

While my husband served our country, I stayed home to raise our children–three boys and a girl. Although I was blessed with parents who took me to church regularly as a child, it took the pressures of raising children in an imperfect world to propel me to ask Jesus Christ, my Savior, to also become my Lord. This single choice changed my life and gave me a purpose. Serving Him through encouraging people is my passion and my call.

Now, with four grown children, fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren, my life is rich with tea parties, games, hugs and kisses. In between these happy moments, I spend my time weaving words into books, and plying a needle with the ambition to hand-make a quilt for each great grandchild. These two hobbies lead to my book, The Quilt of Life, and then to another book, and another.

Now I’m hard at work on a new fiction series, inspired in part by the rich history of the Williamsburg, Virginia area, which we now call home.


Short Bio

Mary Tatem is the author of eight books, including her most recent re-release, The Quilt of Life. A Bible teacher, Girl Scout leader, PTA leader, mom of four, grandmother of fifteen, and great grandmother of two, Mary writes with the authenticity of her life experiences as well as the fun of humorous moments. Her books bring encouragement, showing the parallels between the process of quilting and God’s loving work in our lives.


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Author Mary Tatem

Author Mary Tatem

Author Mary Tatem