Tiny Fingers

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement

Tiny Fingers

Tiny fingers and toes, wrinkled brows, protesting cries. The sight of a newborn baby fills us with awe. The majority of births result in a perfect little being with all systems fully functioning. A tiny newborn makes our heart overflow with joy. The smiling, beaming mama has experienced the privilege of participating in one of God’s amazing miracles. This little person comes with feelings, a personality yet to unfold, unlimited possibilities—and totally helpless. That’s enough to cause us to tremble at the responsibility.


Whether the challenge is raising a baby to mature adulthood, solving knotty job problems, or untangling relationships, we are wise to call upon God to give us wisdom for our daily lives. Regardless of our own study or experience, it often isn’t adequate for the challenges which face us.  God is our greatest source of help and guidance for all our challenges.  Let us not hesitate to ask him to give us the wisdom we need.

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