Tea Party

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement
Tea Party

What fun to hold a tea party with children! We use the opportunity to enter the enchanting land of imagination. We assume new names, the more exotic the better. We dress up with hats, scarves, and sometimes costumes. The boys pretend to act as our protectors. This way even older boys, as well as any available Daddy and Grandpa, feel free to enjoy the treats without thinking it a girlish activity. After all, castles always have guards. We try to speak in assorted accents, all the while attempting to display elegant manners and exaggerated dignity as we sip our tea from lovely cups and munch the goodies from our fancy plates. Enjoyment, marked by giggles and laughter, makes our hearts merry.

The King James Version of the Bible tells us ‘a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.’ Think how much delight we enjoy when we observe or participate in fun activities like this. We treasure the times we have experienced a merry heart. When possible, we take pictures to prolong our memory of such times. We probably aren’t thinking of our health at times like these, but God designed us so that we prosper both emotionally and physically from positive interaction with others. Isn’t God good to use pleasant times to benefit us in multiple ways? I’m guessing He enjoys our smiles and laughter as much or even more than we do when we watch our loved ones have fun together. This Thanksgiving week, we can give thanks for all the times of laughter God gives us. He doesn’t want dour Christians. Even on difficult days, if we look and ask, God helps us find reasons to smile.

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