Prayer Party

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Prayer Party

Funny how we never leave right away when our prayer meeting is over. We can hardly wait to attend our weekly prayer meeting and feel cheated when we must miss.  The privilege to pray together for needs satisfies our hearts. The encouraging testimonies of God’s response to prayer draws us closer to our Maker. Singing together about our love of God sends a peace that permeates the rest of our day. But it is the people that makes us reluctant to separate. Smiles and hugs warm our hearts. We laugh, visit, and revel in the depth of friendship that a time of shared prayer creates. Eager to prolong the fellowship, as many as possible descend on a nearby eatery to squeeze a little more togetherness out of the morning before responsibilities require us to part.

This remarkable sense of friendship is a wonderful by-product of praying together.  Somehow relationships are deepened when we pray together. We benefit as well as those we pray for. God made our hearts to thrive on friendship. Prayer supercharges the dimension of relationships. Significant companionship is a universal need as reflected in all the popular songs about love. Christianity provides a wealth of choruses on the topic. One says, “We’re gathered in unity, growing in harmony, letting the spirit flow, causing our hearts to grow, letting this Calvary love, coming from heaven above….” Ah, the love of friends feeds our souls.  The joy of this kind of friendship makes whatever effort it takes to acquire it worthwhile. Search out a regular prayer meeting to make a part of your life. Find one that bathes you in joy where you are surrounded by loving people with common beliefs.

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