Details Matter

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement
Details Matter

We laughed when we entered our motel room. Of all the little touches to greet a customer, we had never before been treated to a tissue rose formed with the end of the paper roll in a bathroom. Some creative person went the extra mile to make sure we knew the room had been cleaned and special care was taken for us. That small, but clever creation wasn’t necessary and wouldn’t last, but it made us smile and lifted our spirits after a long drive.

What other small, extra touches can we think of that can convey love or caring or a special touch to bring a smile to people whose lives we touch. Even when we are restricted to a faceless touch like the precious person that cleaned our motel room for our comfort, a resourceful person can find a way to convey a sense of caring. Let’s ask God to inspire us in creative ways to bring smiles, laughter, and lift people’s spirits for a moment in their day. If you have experienced such a delightful touch or an idea popped in your mind as you read this, jot it down in the comment section so we can all expand our ideas of how to bless people as we go about our days.


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