Cold Bus, Warm Arms

Mary’s Monday Musings to Quilt Encouragement
Cold Bus, Warm Arms

When the bus pulled up we hurried on—glad to get out of the piercing wind. The bus made the short trip to the gymnasium where the college graduation would be held, but its heating system didn’t have time to warm the cold air that gushed through the bus before it stopped to pick up more passenger and scoop in more cold air. We huddled in jackets barely warm enough for the sudden Florida cold snap. Across from us a middle aged man slung his arm around his wife’s shoulders and snuggled her close with both arms to offset the chill. She smiled her appreciation. People around them smiled. A warm moment in an unexpectedly cold day which brought a speck of cheer to all who observed the tender moment.

Warm smiles and enthusiastic hugs do a lot to cut the chills we encounter in life. Let’s keep our eyes open for opportunities to provide encouragement to one another. A team of people who cheer you on in the face of discouraging situations is a rich treasure. Let’s be quick to encourage one another.

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